MBA in Logistics in Kerala

Skywings academy (MBA Logistics College in Kerala) offers different logistics MBA in Logistics in Kerala for those who are seeking a position in the fast-growing logistics industry. We are providing MBA in Logistics, BBA in Logistics, diploma in logistics. The curriculum is designed by our experts in the industry covers the latest technological and theoretical information which are crafted to suit the logistics industry needs. Skywings provides MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses in Kerala
MBA in Logistics in Kerala

The Master's Degree in Logistics and Operations Management taught by Skywings Academy of Logistics brings you the knowledge and tools necessary for optimal project management and control of the production, logistics and purchasing departments. With the contents of this MBA the student will have the opportunity to know the main techniques and tools for a correct management of the flow of materials and their associated information, covering the areas of production, logistics, purchasing and project management .

An adequate management of the operations in the company has as a consequence mainly:
  • 1. Greater satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • 2. Total control of the projects associated with these areas.
  • 3. A reduction of especially productive costs, storage, transport, financial, purchase prices, etc.
The increasing pressure on the commercial margins forces the companies to search without rest (and also with fast results) this reduction of costs.

The MBA in Logistics Management will be trained in the knowledge and application of the following tools:

  • 1. Lean manufacturing
  • 2. Obtain a comprehensive vision of the logistics to manage the supply chain.
  • 3. Perform shopping search in international markets.
  • 4. Optimization of spaces and resources in the warehouse and transport, etc.

    • The indispensable condition of a company ordered from the point of view of its operations is the correct planning of its materials, of its manufactured products and, where appropriate, of its projects to be carried out. Therefore, in the Master in Logistics and Operations Management, this planning (supply, production, etc.) has a prominent presence. Without this planning, the client will perceive continuous failures of service, with the consequent loss of image and credibility at times irreparable.
      Companies need responsible for the planning of production and supply, aimed at reducing costs, that have training and knowledge of internal organizational operations. Click to know more about MBA in Logistics in Kerala